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Alpha Halo June 4th

alpha halo

Come join the 3rd Annual Halo Paintball Scenario….ALPHA HALO. No experience necessary. Fun for all ages (9+). June 4th at Commando Paintball Sports 9am-4pm. $28 gets you an all day field pass, basic gun rental, mask rental, air tank rental, all day air refills, your first FREE raffle ticket and tons of fun, fun, fun!!! Every customer must purchase a minimum of $20 worth of paint at check in. We are a field paint only park. Pre-registration discounts ($20 instead of $28 and discounted paint prices) are available by booking before May 28th online at
After the fall of reach, the Pillar of Autumn exited slip space and crashed on ALPHA HALO on June 4th, 2552. They discovered a ring shaped object, known as Halo. They also discovered that the Covenant were all ready there. Soon there were fights breaking out all over ALPHA HALO between UNFC and the Covenant. Major all out battles to small skirmishes in the wooded terrain. While the two sides were occupied with survival fighting to stay alive, the Flood was released and they WREAKED DESTRUCTION everywhere they ventured. The commanders on both sides cringed at the destruction brought forth from this small party of killers. Meanwhile Master Chief and Cortana found out that the Halo was not a weapon to defeat the Covenant. It was to kill all life. It was meant to starve the Flood as well. The Covenant believed that the Halo was to take them on the great journey. They were wrong. Time is running out. Will the UNFC stop the Covenant from killing everyone or will the Covenant fire the Halo? Battle on, who will win!!!!


Commando’s 2017 N.E.W. 5 Man Tournament


5 Man teams here’s your chance to keep the HOT tournament action going with AWESOME prize payouts, and intense competition.

$2400.00 in Planet Eclipse prizes!! (with 6 teams playing, more teams = more prizes!!!)

When: Sunday June 25th

Where: Commando Paintball Sports

Entry: $200 per team

Prizes: Based on a minimum of 6 teams
1st – $1200 in Planet Eclipse bucks

2nd – $720 in Planet Eclipse bucks

3rd – $480 in Planet Eclipse bucks

Paint: $55 per case for premium paint (tourney field paint only, must be purchased the day of the tourney)

See what your team can do this year!!!

Newer teams, this is a great opportunity for you as well. No experience Necessary…..great chances for everyone to win AMAZING prizes!!!

Or call 920-826-5554
This is a D4 and lower tournament. Each team is allowed 1 D3 player.
Modified PSP Rules
Over 15 years of awesome tournaments. We do tournaments right!!!


Play with a Pro!!! No experience necessary, open to all w/pre-registration.

hooligans pro clinic 2017

The Hooligans are ecstatic to bring back former teammate and TMG Outlaw Pro John Kurzawa to Commando Paintball Sports on May 13th!!

John is the best example of what hard work and dedication can do. In 2013 he played D4 local events and by mid season 2016, he was playing at the pro level at NXL!

He knows what it takes to work through the ranks and he’ll be sharing lots of useful knowledge and insight that he used on his journey to the professional division.

This truly is an event that you don’t want to miss! Get signed up before all the spots fill up!



Spring Fling 2017 is HERE!!!!

Spring Fling 400x400 facebook 2017Say “GOOD BYE” to Cabin fever!!! After this long, cold, never ending winter it’s time to get out and party!!! Playing some fun paintball that is!
Spring Fling is one of our biggest events. Only $5.00 gets you admission, full rental gear, all day air refills and your 1st FREE raffle ticket. Tons of prizes are raffled off every year at this event. Play paintball all day long, on all our awesome themed fields. Play the Castle vs Castle, Urban Combat, Piney Woods, Hyperball, Capture the Flag, the New Yeti Field, Pirate Ship and Speedball! Every player must buy at least one bag of 500 premium paintballs ($20). All paintballs must be purchased on location on day of the event. All 8 fields are open and the action is non-stop. Come by yourself, bring a few friends, or bring a group. If you need to rent equipment call early, we always book up for this event! We require a $5 deposit on every rental gun reserved. We are standing by to take your reservation. 920-826-5554. Hours are 9:00-5:00. All the fields are open and going strong. Call early to make reservations! We always sell out on this one. Hours 9:00-5:00. $10 for day off walk ins if there is any equipment available.  HURRY….save your spot NOW!!! 920826-5554.


Paintball Extravaganza 2017 is on July 23rd!!! Come out and show your support for the wounded warriors, while having a blast!!!

extravaganza bigger pic

What is the Commando Extravaganza? It’s all about paintball fun fun fun!!!

The Ironman 1v1 tournament starts at 11am on the Airball field

The Deadly Duo 2v2 tournament starts at noon on the Hyperball field

The Old Skool 3v3 woodsball tournament starts at 1pm on the Pines field

We will have trophies for first place in all the tournaments.

We will also have:

  • All day castle against castle conquest paintball action
  • All day urban combat paintball action
  • All day pirate ship swash-buckling paintball action
  • And much much more.
  • Tons of Raffle Prizes…proceeds will also go to the wounded warrior project.

Everyone is invited to come out and play some paintball, 9am – 4pm no experience and no reservations necessary.

Cost is only $18.00 and that includes entry into all the events, air, rental equipment, and 1 FREE raffle ticket.  All customers are required to buy a minimum of one bag of premium paintballs, at check in.

We will have trophies for first place in all the tournaments.

($3 from every player’s admission price will go directly to the wounded warrior project)


For more info call us at 920-826-5554 or visit us at 2055 W. Frontier Rd. Little Suamico, WI 54141


The event you’ve been waiting for is here!!! August 20th – The Jedi’s Disciple – Annual Star Wars Scenario, open to all, no reservations, no experience necessary!!!

jedis disciple

$28 includes all day field fee, basic gun rental, mask rental, air tank rental, all day air refills & 1 FREE raffle ticket. (Every customer must purchase a minimum of $20 worth of paintballs at check in). Discount prices available for pre-registration at