The Zombies are coming!!!

We have word that the WZO (World Zombie Organization) is planning another attack on humans. Thats right, they are planning their attack in Little Suamico this October! We need lots of brave people to hop in the zombie busses and stop them! Shoot the zombies with our special “Zombie stopping” paintball ammunition before they get on the bus. They will not be shooting back but trying to get on the bus and infect us humans. We cant let them ruin our Halloween! Lets stop them! Buy tickets here. Oct 5,11&12,18&19,25&26. Nov 1&2. 7:oopm – close

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Just a reminder that we are open ALL WINTER!!!  As a matter of fact, many people prefer winter paintball.  You are all

2017 Calendar of Events

Jan 22 Winter Scenario (Destruction of the Yeti) April 2 Spring Fling ($5 admission) April 14 GOOD FRIDAY – Open 9-5 for

Alpha Halo June 4th

Come join the 3rd Annual Halo Paintball Scenario….ALPHA HALO. No experience necessary. Fun for all ages (9+). June 4th at Commando Paintball