Turf Wars Scenario Jan 18. Everyone invited!

Start of the New Years right with our first Scenario of the year: Turf Wars!! On January 18th we will be hosting our annual Yeti Scenario paintball game. Players of all skill levels are all welcome to join in and play paintball on this fun event. Battle for your team, get involved in intense missions, or defend your teams headquarters. Win a complete paintball set-up. Gates open at 8:00am, briefing at 9:15,and play starts at 10, with a break from 12:30-1:30, and the second half going from 1:30-4 and the final battle from 4:30-5. Awards will be held at 5. Play some or play it all! Get out of the house and start off the paintball season having a blast!! Click on HERE to pre-register and save!

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