Bloodlines Awakening rules

Our Jedi scenario game is Sunday, Aug 16. Everyone is invited to come out and play this fun event. Here is the rundown and rules from Mike Goodeve, the producer.

Pre-registration ends Aug 10. Be sure to save money by pre-registering!

Rules and schedule for Bloodlines event….

8 am.. Check In

9:15 am.. Briefing

10 am-12:30 pm ..First Half

12:30 pm-1:30 pm.. BREAK

1:30 pm-4:30 pm.. Second Half

5:00 pm -5:30 pm ..FINAL BATTLE

5:45 pm Awards/Raffle

Camping: Camping is free, notify the field if you plan to camp the night before.

Parking: Parking is only in designated areas. If there is no attendant, please park as closely together as possible. Parking on the street is permitted if needed but please make sure you are at least 2 feet off the paved road.

Check In: Check in will begin at 8 am. Once you set up in the designated staging areas, please check in. Please fill out a waiver ONLINE for faster service. however if you cant, you must fill one out before paying. Put on your wristband and laminate immediately. If you pre-registered there may be a separate line depending on the amount of pre-registered players. Pre-registering is the only way to guarantee you are placed on the side that you prefer.

Chrono: All markers must be chrono’d before you enter the field. Your laminate must be punched by a referee. If caught in play without a punch, you will be asked to leave for the rest of the day.

Radios: All teams using radios must check in with their general to get game channels. There is absolutely no jamming or spying on the team or staff’s comms. This could result in immediate removal from the game. Any questions regarding comms check with game producer.


Markers – 280 max

Pump and Pistols – 280

First Strike – 280

Rocket Launcher/LAWs – 200 (speak with the game producer before using)

TANKS: THERE WILL BE A TANK! on the field at times. the tank will be used by both sides, and to identify when the tank is playing for your side, it will have a red or blue flag in plain sight for all to see. when your general calls upon the use of the tank to help clear areas or complete a mission, they will have the tank for 20 minute’s. tanks CANNOT !! be stopped by shooting it with law rockets. BUT, when a law rocket is utilized the tank will not stop moving, but the gunner will be incapacitated for 2 minute’s. the only way to completely stop a tank temporarily is for the general to utilize ROAD-BLOCKS. Road-blocks are metal beams that can be placed in the path of an oncoming tank. it will take a engineer to remove. once a tank comes into the path of a roadblock it is incapaciatted. it can not turn around. all-though the gunner can continue to shoot from that location, if it has not been hit by a law rocket.

Common Sense Rules:

Keep your barrel cover on at all times when in staging area

No dry firing

Foul language is better kept to yourself in staging and in play

No alcohol allowed for safety reasons

Respect your referees. they are there for your safety. Try to refrain from shooting them.

Boundaries are clearly marked with yellow caution tape, playing outside of these areas will result in a 30 minute cool down period – no exceptions!

If a referee is holding a light saber, this means they are on a mission, do not shoot.

If you see someone take a tumble or a fall and they lose their face mask or appear to be seriously injured YELL “CEASE FIRE” and take a knee. If you hear “CEASE FIRE” immediately take a knee even if you cannot see what has happened. Don’t stop yelling “CEASE FIRE” until you hear others doing the same or the person has been helped. If there is no ref nearby, it is everyone’s responsibility to help the person recover their mask and escort them safely off the field. If they cannot be escorted, protect them until help arrives.

There will be player refs on the field watching for rule breakers. They will not identify themselves. They are there to alert a ref and move on. If you are asked to leave by a ref DO NOT ARGUE, it is not up for debate. Depending on the infraction it could result in a judge punch, cool-down period, or removal from game play.

Command Center (CC): There are two main Command Centers and 2 respawn areas on the map. The respawn is always near the CC. Only the general and XO can enter the CC unless you are asked to come in. There will be a referee stationed at each CC at all times. There is NO SHOOTING within 30 yards of the CC. This will be strongly enforced. If the respawn area is being overrun the refs will push the other team back. Push back distance is at the discretion of the referees and the game producer.

Spawn: There is an immediate respawn.

Points: There are many ways to score points for your team. There will be certain areas on the map that your general will ask you to hold like structures or slap sticks. Some will be timed, and others will be simply to gain the objective. The general will receive missions throughout the day that will be worth points. Each command center will have their Empire or Rebel flag flying. If these are dropped by the opposing team this will be worth points. Shooting the General or XO is also worth points. If you are new to big-game play speak with your General or XO to find out how you can help your team earn points throughout the day as teams who are leading in points going into the final battle are often rewarded.

Player Info: All players will be given a laminate/id. These must always be visible throughout the day. Every player must also have a red or blue arm band which will be given out by staff (duct tape). Team Tag armbands are acceptable as well. In case of weather, ponchos may be used, but the arm band must always be clearly visible. If you are hit anywhere on your marker or body, you must call yourself out (hopper hits count as well). Raise your hand when out, yell “out” and walk to the respawn point, clean the paint, and resume play. You may offer a surrender if an opponent is within 15 feet and responds back within a few seconds they may leave with their hand up and call themselves out. A player who is being surrendered may choose not to accept. Players may also barrel tag other players with a gun or light saber if they are sneaky enough. We always request that in these situations players conduct themselves in a friendly manner.

Non-Player Character (NPC): There will be a non-player character’s in play that will be able to switch sides and use a shield. THEY WILL BE THE “HUTT CARTEL” These player’s work directly with the General and Game Producer. they will be wearing either RED OR BLUE on right arm and ALSO a YELLOW armband on opposite arm so they will be very visible.

LAWs and Rocket Launchers: All rocket launchers must shoot only nerf rockets. In this game, rockets can ONLY be used on the tank, and structures unless otherwise called for in a mission. To receive a Rocket Launcher Card you must speak to your general. When you are using the Rocket Launcher on the field it is your responsibility to find a roaming referee to punch your card and confirm hits after each use. Each card is good for 6 uses.

Shields: Not permitted in this game by players. ONLY by producer run missions involving the HUTT CARTEL NPC’S.

JEDI AND SITH: Jedi and Sith have awesome powers to help their General win the game. Each General will start with one Jedi given by the game producer. He will help his general fight and PERFORM SPECIAL POWERS (listed below). Jedi and Sith will be identifiable by the Jedi Robes and their team color armband on their right arm and left arm.

JEDI AND SITH POWERS: Jedi and Sith have to be shot twice by two separate players to be killed. Hopper and marker hits do not count for them.

HEALING: Jedi are the only players that can heal others in this game. They will need a ref with them in order to do so. They can heal up to 20 players. this abilty Can be used 6 times total per jedi/Sith. If they choose to heal they cannot fight for at least 10 minutes or until they have healed 20 players, whichever comes first. Once they are done healing they can go back to fighting or working on whatever task the General/XO gives them. They can be sent on missions strictly to heal and they cannot use any other powers while healing. They can be shot out while healing and the time it takes them to respawn counts towards the required 10 minutes for healing.

FORCE PUSH: This allows them to push any opposing players out of a small to medium size bunker. They must find a roaming ref to make this happen. They can use this ability with or without their General’s consent but only two times each half of the game.

PROTECTION SPELL: The General must order this as it is expensive. This allows the Jedi to walk openly throughout the field without being harmed in any way for ONE MINUTE. They cannot use their blasters or any other powers during this time.

PROTECTION +1: The General must order this as well. It can only be used twice per half for another player. These powers will require the escort of a ref to both time it and to hold a light saber up so the rest of the field knows that the Jedi and other player cannot be killed at that time. The other player is able to use their marker while under this spell, but the Jedi cannot.

JEDI MIND TRICK: This will require TWO Jedi to perform as well as a referee. The Jedi will lead the ref to a structure of their choice. Once there the Jedi will raise their hands and the ref will let everyone inside the structure know regardless of team that they are out. All players must respawn. The Jedi cannot perform any other duties while using this trick, they cannot be shot by the opposing team, and once complete they can reinsert and enter game play without respawning.


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