Jedi Big Game Scenario

Sunday, august 16, 2020

Jedi Bloodline Awakening

Come join us with in our fun Jedi Scenario Game Aug 16. A full day of action packed, nonstop paintball action. We take all our fields and combine them into one huge playing field, then we split everyone up into 2 teams, and fight it out. There is missions, surprises, and more. Gates open at 8, game starts at 9:30, and its too fun to miss.  Book online today!

In the wake of the Empire’s defeat at the hands of the Rebel Alliance, a power vacuum was left in the galaxy. That vacuum was filled by the Senate of the New Republic, consolidating all the various systems and planets back into the fold to govern themselves together. Mon Mothma was the original chancellor, having served a long and successful career as the peacekeeper among the various factions in the new Senate. In Bloodline, Mothma has retired due to illness, and the Senate has been thrown into chaos.


The New Republic now finds itself divided into two factions: The Centrists and the Populists, an idea given to author Claudia Gray by Episode VIII director Rian Johnson. Centrists favor a strong, unified government, believing the defunct Empire’s vision of unity to have been a good idea corrupted by the evil of Emperor Palpatine. The Populists, living in fear of another Palpatine seizing power, generally support a hands-off approach to governing that allows individual systems their own autonomy. We find Leia on the Populist side of the debate, driven by her own experiences as the commander of the Rebel Alliance.

Pick your side today!

Populists (Blue Rebels) – led by Paul Tanner

Centrists (Red Empire) – led by Jose Vasquez