Low Impact Piantball Day

Sunday, August 30th

Never played Paintball? Here's your chance!

Come out for an exciting day of intense low impact paintball action Sunday, Aug 30th 9am-4pm. Ever want to try paintball but were a bit apprehensive? Now is your chance. Low impact paintball is great for all ages. Its got all the intensity, rush, adrenaline, and excitement as conventional paintball with 68% less impact. Run hard, play hard, and dont feel it as much!

You get the low impact rental paintball gun, mask, all day air, and unlimited field pass for only $10! Then buy a bag bag of 500 paintballs for $20 and rip it up! Play all the fields, including the new Shipment field. Supplies are limited, we only have 80 low impact guns and they will go fast, so book now!

What is Low Impact Paintball?

At Commando, near Green Bay, we use lightweight materials and paintballs that are smaller and slower. Low Impact paintball allows players to maneuver and play with confidence without sacrificing the experience of paintball. Low Impact uses smaller paintballs, creating a lighter impact, and uses smaller equipment so it is easier for the player to handle.