Big Fun at a Low Impact

Don’t have a birthday but want to try the NEW Low Impact Paintball….book our 3 hour private party option. Introducing the REVOLUTIONARY all-new LOW IMPACT paintball experience for players looking for the excitement of traditional paintball with equipment specially engineered to reduce velocity and deliver a lighter impact.

Utilizing lightweight materials and paintballs that are smaller and slower, Low Impact paintball allows players to maneuver and play with confidence without sacrificing the experience of paintball. Low Impact uses smaller paintballs creating a lighter impact and uses smaller equipment so it is easier for the player to handle.

Low Impact Paintball is perfect for young kids, church or school groups, corporate outings and beginner players who may be more hesitant. Because of Low Impact paintball, we have seen moms, sisters and others, who would normally miss out on the paintball party action, enjoy this quality experience !

Advantages of Low Impact Paintball

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Slower Speed
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Smaller Paintball
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Less Impact
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Perfect for Parties
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Great Fun

For all the younger kiddos or anyone who wants to come out and play paintball but are nervous about being shot no longer have to fear! We offer an EXCELLENT new alternative to our paintball parties. Low impact pacts all of the excitement and adrenaline rush of conventional paintball and even more! Low Impact is the perfect way to get the same exciting feel from paintball but with 68% less impact! 

Low impact paintball is perfect for company parties, birthday parties, reunions, or any other group that wants to experience the fun of paintball!