Paintball Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

we do bachelor / bachelorette parties of any size group

Starting at $59.95+ tax includes basic rental paintball gun, rental paintball mask, free air fills, unlimited play pass and 500 paintballs per person. We also offer Low Impact Paintball, Gelly Ball and Laser Tag!

Houston Paintball Bachelor Parties

bachelor parties that brides will approve of

The last thing you want to do before a wedding is tick off the bride. Let’s have the only shooting be done by the guys!

Bride Approved Entertainment!

bachelor party best man paintball

Everyone wants to prove they are the best man. What better way than some friendly competition!?

The Guys Will have a blast!

A paintball bachelor party is an event that the group will never forget. Now we get to see who really is the best man!

Paintball Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Are The Best!

The best bachelor and bachelorette parties start with playing paintball. It is the absolute rush you need for your party. Intense action and team fun are all a part of bachelor parties playing paintball. Call 920-826-5554 now to make your reservation!

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Details


Unlimited Play Pass
Basic Paintball Marker
Paintball Mask
Air System
500 Paintballs
Bachelorette Paintball Party Wisconsin

During our Normal Schedule

If you are in charge of making a bachelor or bachelorette party happen, you have found the best option! Bring the wedding party out for an unforgettable send off!  Have your bachelor or bachelorette party during our normal weekend hours and depending on the size of your group, you might play by yourselves, or maybe we’ll put you up against another wedding party or other walk-on players.

Need special scheduling for your party?

We can handle that too. We can schedule during the weekdays in case you need to get this in before the big weekend. Click on  Prices to check out our prices. And choose to come shoot, or just take it easy and have a break for lunch. It’s all up to you. We’ll make it a special day for the bride or groom to be!