Paintball Birthday Parties!

No better way to celebrate another year than to spend the day shooting at your friends! Our paintball birthday parties are a huge hit for kids of all ages… even the 60 year old ones!

Whether you want to have a small paintball birthday party with a few friends, or make it a huge celebration with 50 buds shooting paintballs, we can take care of it!

Our Rockstar Birthday Party comes with your rental gun, mask, all day air, 100 paintballs, your own private ref, 2 hours of play, plus pizza, cake, and soda all for only $29/person! 


Basic Birthday Parties come with rental gun, mask, air, 100 paintballs, 2 hours of play, and your own ref for $24/person. Word to the wise, people like to shoot paintballs, more paintballs can be purchased when you are out there.

Birthday Parties like no other.

If you are the one in charge of coming up with a special birthday event for someone, imagine their excitement and surprise when they arrive to play paintball at our field!

We really know how to throw a great paintball birthday party!

Food? No Problem!

Feel free to bring Cake or Cupcakes. We can also help if you need pizza or drinks!

Birthday party cupcakes - Wisconsin

Want to be your kid's hero? A paintball birthday party is an event that the group will never forget.

We also do Private Paintball Birthday Parties!

We can open up on non-operating hours for private weekday events, or before or after our normal hours on the weekends.

If you are trying to put together a very special day, and the weekends are to hectic, just let us know and we can schedule you in on off hours for your special day.

You bring the kids and the decorations, we’ll supply the fun!