Star Wars

A Starwars themed paintball scenario event hosted at one of Green Bay’s premier paintball fields Commando Paintball Sports!During this event the entire property is open as one large field where two huge teams, “The Rebel Alliance” and “Remnants of the Empire” fight over 9 different territories while trying to complete Starwars themed timed missions throughout the day. While both teams struggle for the fate of the galaxy they both must also find currency through the field to bribe a viscous third faction “The Local Populace” so the locals doesn’t join the fight for the enemy team.

So bring your Blaster and your trusty Light Saber and JOIN THE FIGHT for ultimate control over the galaxy!!

Pre-register before Aug 13th and get save on entry and case of paint cost.

Register now for Pre-registration pricing!

$22 for entry before 8/13 and only $63 for paint at the time of registration.
After 8/13, entry registration is $32 and paint is $73!