Your Paintball Parties at Commando

Commando Paintball Sports is Wisconsin’s most exciting and progressive paintball field. Located just 20 miles north of Green Bay, we are the place to go for excitement at its best. Whether you are organizing a bachelor party, anniversary party, birthday party, company party or a party for any reason, you will see why our players give us an almost 100% satisfaction rating.

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We also do Laser Tag!

We have merged two of the most fun activities together to form the ultimate Laser Tag experience!  This is a great alternative for those who don’t feel they are ready for our low impact paintball.

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What Our Customers Say

Paintball Parties for all occassions

Church & Youth Groups

Paintball is very popular with youth groups as a great get together activity

Choose Weekends or During the Week

Many groups choose to do a private during the week event. Commando can accommodate your group anytime.
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Birthday Parties

Starting at age 6, we are the specialists when it comes to birthday parties. Bring in your own cake, decorations, etc. We'll bring the fun!

Reservations are a Snap!

Just click the Book Now button, input the number of players, then choose a package, day and time. We make birthday parties easy!
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Team Building

Paintball is an excellent outing for Companies as it builds team work, communication and cooperation while working toward their goals.

Private Company Events

With your group of 10 or more, you can choose to book during the week for a private event, or bring your group during our normal weekend play times.
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Bachelor Parties

Paintball games have always been Popular with the Bachelor parties, but it's also a type of entertainment the Bride to be approves of!

Plus Bachelorette Parties

Not only do Bachelorettes like the fact their future husbands choose good clean fun, we get a lot of Bachelorette parties playing paintball as well!
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bachelor paintball party
Friendships Forged
Paintball party for team building
Birthdays Celebrated
Companies love paintball for team building activities
Players Inspired

What makes Commando Paintball Special!

  • We are open every Saturday and Sunday and by reservation throughout the week year round.
  • Games are played in all weather. Even in rain, a paintball game is very enjoyable, so don’t be afraid to get a little wet!
  • We offer memberships to save you money.
  • All play is under the supervision of our trained referees for your safety and to maximize your enjoyment of the game.
  • We hold regular tournaments and scenario games throughout the year.
  • We serve food, or you may bring your own.
  • Our equipment is continually upgraded and maintained.
  • We fill up to 3000 PSI for High Pressure Air tanks.
  • We sell our used equipment at great discounts.
  • Our well trained staff is dedicated to helping you.
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Perfect for any size group

Come by yourself or bring friends and you will play some of the best paintball of your life. We have 3 wooded fields with numerous 2 story forts, bunkers, and cover that will test your ability to outsmart the opposition before they eliminate you. Always changing and improving, our wooded fields are considered to be some of the best in the country.

And even more varied fields to choose from!

Do you love the fast action of speedball? Well, we have the best of that also! Our hyperball field is the best. Designed and constructed by an experienced hyperball field company, this field is one of the best laid out and most competitive you will find anywhere. We are continually upgrading and improving our facilities. In 2003, we added an equipment building, an “Air Ball Field,” and another woods field with a large fortress. Check us out, and you will make Commando Paintball Sports your home field for paintball action. Click the Book Now button at the top of any page to start your adventure!