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Frequently Asked Paintball Questions


Our most frequently asked questions!

When you come out and play everyone is so excited and their adrenaline is going so a lot of times they wont even notice it. Most people compare getting shot to feeling like a rubber band snap. However, for those who are younger or are still nervous, we offer a GREAT alternative to regular conventional paintball.. Low impact paintball! Low impact has the same feel to conventional paintball but with 68% less impact! Low impact is also great for the younger kids! Low impact is for groups of 6 or more with a reservation any day of the week.
Paintball is only dangerous if safety isn’t followed. All players must wear a proper Paintball Mask which is used to protect the eyes and ears in case of a direct hit from a paintball. We are quite strict about our safety rules and will see to it that they are followed for the protection of our customers and our staff. However, just as if you are playing a game of tag in the woods, injuries can happen due to falls, pulled muscles, etc. If you are afraid for your health, you should consult a physician before participating in any physical activities. Also, we have strict rules about using alcohol on the premise, as to avoid careless injuries. Also, at all times when the games are not being played on the field, a plug is in the end of each marker’s barrel to keep players from accidentally discharging the markers and causing an injury off the field.
Never fear! Many of our players are playing paintball for the first or second time. We take care to try and split any experienced players into separate groups or into disadvantageous numbers, as to keep the teams fair. Games will run with 2 teams each with a common goal, so during most of the games you will have a good number of other players to rely on while you’re playing. We don’t put you alone in the woods against 30 navy seals to fend for yourself! Also, paintball builds great bonds and teamwork very quickly. You will find that soon after arriving at the field and playing a few games, you will feel right at home with all of the other players.
There are some markers that are used in tournament play (or maybe you’ve seen used yourself) that shoot quite fast and can spend many rounds of paint in just a few moments. However, the players in our games typically use our rental markers and even players that do not are usually all shooting at most 5 to 6 paintballs a second during an average wooded game. All markers are allowed only 280 feet per second, so the actual speed of the paintballs through the air will be all very similar. Our rental markers are very reliable and will have you competing the whole day long.
Typically, an average player who has not played often in the past will use between 500 – 1,000 rounds in a day of game play. If you’ve played often before, you probably already know how much paint you will use personally. Each player has a different style of play, and some will shoot more often then others. With our rental package deal, 500 rounds are included. If you find you are shooting steady during each game, you may want to buy a little extra paint. To use over 2,000 rounds in a day of wooded field play is VERY difficult, unless you like shooting at thin air.
Paintball markers use expanding air in order to shoot paintballs. You can consider it a mixture between a regular bolt action firearm, and a “spud gun.” The markers can use either liquid CO² (Carbon Dioxide) such as are used with some pellet guns on the market, only with a much larger tank for extended play, or they can use HPA (high pressure air) which is stored in special air tanks that have pressures of 3,000 psi and up (a typical air compressor runs at about 200 psi for instance, and a car tire has about 45 psi). Markers can use different schematics to actually utilize the air, such as air pressure or electronics, or even new markers that work like blow guns, but they all function on a similar basis. The reason the paintball guns are called markers is that their original use was to mark trees for logging easily. It makes you wonder who the first logger was who shot his buddy in the backside as a prank!